32th CITAC Members’ Meeting and Workshop

32th CITAC Members’ Meeting and Workshop, April 29th, 2017 at Hotel Novotel Paris Pont de Sevres and some impressions

The Chair, Laly Samuel, opened the session with welcome to all the participants and thanked everyone for attending the 32st Members meeting. Fifteen persons were present at the meeting.
After adoption of the Agenda began CITAC best paper 2017 Award ceremony and presentations.

Michela Sega as the CITAC vice chair coordinated the CITAC Best Paper Award process.

The representatives of the authors of the three award winning papers received the CITAC Best Paper Award certificates from Laly Samuel as the CITAC Chair under the applause of the participants.
The three teams winning the CITAC best paper award 2017 and their representatives given the presentations:

  • Giancarlo D’Agostino, Luigi Bergamaschi, Marco Di Luzio, Janine Noordmann, Massimo Oddone, Olaf Rienitz, The linkup of mono-elemental solutions to the SI using INAA: a measurement procedure and the achievable uncertainty/ J.Radioanal.Nucl.Chem. (2016) 309, 777-786.
  • Marta Doval Miñarro, Paul J. Brewer, Richard J. C. Brown, Stefan Persijn, Janneke van Wijk, Gerard Nieuwenkamp, Annarita Baldan, Claire Kaiser, Christophe Sutour, Tatiana Macé, Nikola Škundrić and Tanıl Tarhan, Zero gas reference standards/ Anal.Methods (2016) 8, 3014-3022.
  • Hanno Evard, Anneli Kruve, Ivo Leito, Tutorial on estimating the limit of detection using LC-MS analysis, part II: Practical aspects/ Anal.Chim.Acta (2016) 942, 40-49.

After break, the 33rd meeting of CITAC members began.

The participants discussed the past year and current activities of CITAC, as well as they discussed the plan for furture and the arrangements for next Members’ Meeting.

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