Accreditation of analytical, microbiological and medical laboratories – 2-day training event

From Thursday 20 February 2020 to Friday 21 February 2020
Contact K Tsimillis


PUCThe Division of Quality Assurance of the Pancyprian Union of Chemists (PUC) and Eurachem are organising this two-day training course on the accreditation of laboratories. Following a series of training activities on ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 15189:2012, some critical issues still need to be further analysed and discussed providing the opportunity for interaction with laboratory personnel. This is of interest especially in the light of recent developments which refer to the revision of not only ISO/IEC 17025 but also of other standards and guides (including Eurachem guides), which will also be discussed.


The scope of the training is to:

  • present and discuss critical issues of interest to analytical, microbiological and medical laboratories addressed in the relevant accreditation standards
  • discuss the experience of laboratories in various sectors, problems and solutions
  • present recent publications (Eurachem guides and others).

Further information can be found on the Workshop Page. Location Nicosia, Cyprus

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